Protecting your home from damage caused by the Santa Ana Winds that blow through our communities in Orange County can be achieved in part by ensuring dead, sick or dying trees are removed before they become more than a liability.

Oftentimes people ignore signs of tree trouble until it is too late. When a tree comes down it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to property and autos (not to mention the boat or RV in your driveway).

Now, it’s not just the trees themselves you need to make a note of, take a look at the limbs, especially larger branches or those that are close enough to spell danger to your home.

Make no mistake, falling trees or branches cause severe damage in high winds and sometimes death. We know this sounds like an over-exaggeration but it is a reality.

Aside from the cost of property damage, there are other issues that are worth paying attention to. Shrubs and bushes should be pruned and cared for to eliminate all the debris being blown around which causes an unsightly mess and will have to be dealt with anyway.

Another benefit of proper tree care and maintenance of bushes is that gutters will be less likely to become clogged by falling leaves, branches or swirling organic matter. The cost of a good clean can run into multiple hundreds of dollars.

There are many tree companies in Orange County to choose from and many are as good as the next. One of the best ways to really know if a tree company is a trustworthy contractor is by their attitude on the phone, after-all if the message is not that your situation is important to them, then why would you invite them onto your property?