The climate in Orange County is warm, and the temperature does not drop below 46 degrees on average. The sun is always shining, and it does not snow in the city. During the summer months, the temperature ranges between 80 to 85 degrees making it ideal for trees to grow that bear delicious fruits. Many citrus trees thrive in Southern California’s balmy weather. The sunshine keeps them healthy and encourages fruit trees to grow throughout the region.

Some of the best trees that grow in Orange County are grapefruit trees, orange trees and fig trees. You can grow plum trees, avocado trees and cherry trees as well. These trees flourish in the sunshine, and the fruits are scrumptious. Grapefruit trees require plenty of sunshine and require special attention. They come in different varieties, including red blush, marsh seedless and star Ruby grapefruits. Conditions need to be just right for this tree to produce fruit. The temperature needs to be warm 24 hours 7 days a week. This tree does well in tropical regions as long as the soil is well drained and loamy.

Additionally, fruit trees must not be planted close to buildings or any type of concrete structure. The roots need to be free to grow without restrictions. You can plant this tree during the spring and fall depending on where you are located. The tree must be planted in a deep wide hole without excessive water in the soil. Once you have planted the tree, you must provide it with the proper maintenance that includes frequent watering when it is beginning to take root. After the tree begins growing, it only needs watering one day during the week. When the fruit is ready to be picked, it will turn yellow in color.

In addition, plum trees develop in the sunshine and need good soil as well as space to grow. These trees only need 6 to 8 eight hours of direct sunlight and light soil that is drained frequently. When you plant this tree, make sure that the ground does not contain blockages such as pipes. The roots should not be interrupted during development and you do not want the roots wrapping around obstructions underground.

Even though you are unable to see pipes, the trees will grow around any area with water and dampness. Plum trees require cross-pollination, so you need to plant more than one tree. When your tree is planted, you need to ensure the soil is well drained and water it often during the first few weeks.

Furthermore, it takes two to three years for newly planted fruit trees to bear edible fruit. Although these trees do well in the Orange County climate, they need to be maintained properly to ensure healthy growth. You need to water your trees regularly and have them fertilized once they begin bearing fruit. They will require pruning and protection from pests, disease and animals. Once you begin harvesting the fruit, you will be rewarded for your hard work.