Tree Services In Orange County.

Tree Removal Orange County offers a full range of tree services in Orange County, CA in cities such as Irvine, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo. These are some of our busier cities but we travel everywhere in O.C.

Whether you have a small job such as a few hedges that require pruning or an entire forest that is in need of some care we are able to help!


Our Services include the following:

Tree Removal. It is vital for Orange County residents to address dead and dying trees immediately. With our severe drought, it is important that all homes and businesses limit the amount of tinder on the property. Climbing hollow, unstable trees with many dead branches also takes more time than trimming healthy trees and will cost much more. Dead and dying trees are a danger to your home, family and neighbors. Take care of them today.

Tree Trimming. We encourage our clients to stay on top of the pruning for several reasons. First, trimmed trees are beautiful longer. Second, properly pruned trees are more resistant to disease. Third, trimming trees promotes healthy growth and increases longevity.

Crown Reduction. We like to educate our many clients on the necessity of crown reduction for trees that grow near power lines, buildings or hang over into neighboring properties. Reducing limb weight is important, and prevents future tree issues that might arise during Santa Ana wind storms or simply heavy rains.

Tree Stump Grinding. We never recommend clients take this on themselves. Stump grinding needs to be done by professionals, with heavy duty power equipment. Hire Tree Removal Orange County to take this project on for you.

Tree Disease. Should a tree on your property be affected by disease, it is important for the health of your remaining trees, and your neighbors trees, that you have it properly dealt with correctly and swiftly. Of course, our desire is to treat your tree first, should we find it can be rescued. We work with clients throughout Orange County, helping bring trees back to full life.

Maintenance Programs. Trees require consistent care as they grow, ensuring they stay healthy and are provided with proper nutritional supplementation, should they require it. There is a lot more information available here.

Palm Tree Care Service. Our Southern California Palm trees require specialized care to ensure that they are healthy and will live a long time. We work with our clients to ensure that your expensive, lovely palms trees flourish, adding beauty and value to your property.

Lot and Land Clearing Service. When preparing property for any future projects, Tree Removal Orange County can partner with you, ensuring successful results. Give us a call and allow us to explain our estimate to you.

Landscaping New Homes. Part of enjoying your new home starts at the curb. We love partnering with new home owners and creating the oasis of their dreams. Not only important for the value of your home, but for soil retention and grading, proper landscaping, including the planting of trees, is vital to your property.

Landscape Renovation.​ Do you need to update your backyard? Are you looking to upgrade your property and replace older plantings and shrubs with healthy, new trees and gardens? We have trained landscape artists here to help you every step of the way.


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