Tree Trimming In Orange County.

When looking to hire a tree trimming service in Orange County, CA, the time of year should be taken into consideration. Taking limbs and branches off during months when trees are vulnerable will cause damage and could limit longevity and health.Trimming trees improperly is as big a risk, and can cause a tree to become bug infested or even die.


Accidents Waiting To Happen…

We understand that tree trimming cost often leads to the desire to DIY. Often home and business property owners see this as an easy way to save a few dollars and attempt to take the job on themselves. Not only is this a dangerous ambition, but it can cause tree demise. It is always best to consult a tree trimming service like Tree Removal Orange County before attempting any do-it-yourself tree trimming.

Every year, thousands of well intentioned DIY tree trimmers fall off ladders, or worse, roofs. Unless you are highly trained and can juggle the weight of heavy power tools such as chain saws, all while 15 feet off the ground, on a leaning ladder, we advise you call in the experts.

Reach out to us, Tree Removal Orange County, and allow us to provide you with an accurate tree trimming cost. We will walk around your property with you and give you the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable knowledge about tree care.

Factors Affecting Tree Trimming Requirements In Orange County

Tree Age Matters! Depending on the age of your tree or trees, the amount and type of pruning will differ. It is important that you understand that all trees are not created equal. Different types of trees require specialized care and attention.

Mature Trees. As trees age, they require regular pruning to reduce weight of dead and dying branches to maintain proper plant health. We recommend this for the safety of your family and neighbors as well. This also allows us to maintain the designed shape for your tree as it matures, and ensures it does not become entangled in power lines or grow and take over areas of your property you desire to keep clear.

Young Trees. There is no time as important than the first years of a plants life when pruning and trimming will determine future shape, health and longevity of your trees. Allowing young trees to grow untamed leaders to weaker framework and increased risk of limb failure as the tree ages. This puts the beauty and life of your tree at risk, as well as your home and family. Take measures now, while your tree is young, and bring in Tree Removal Orange County to help direct your trees growth so we are never called back to actually remove your damaged, dying tree. We want your trees to flourish and grow on your property!

Put us on the calendar!

Many of our customers are on our regular, scheduled tree trimming program. We take the hassle out of maintaining your trees and bushes by coming at the appointed date without reminder. Many clients find this especially useful in Fall when the trees begin to drop leaves. Trimming trees early can help prevent gutter cleaning expenses later in the year so it pays to have a plan for your tree care, you could say our service pays for itself! In the case of inclement weather we will arrive the very next working day.

We are a professional tree trimming company with hundreds of satisfied regular residential customers. We also maintain trees for a number of local businesses, parks, retail parks and HOA’s. Tree Removal Orange County will partner with you and assist with all your tree trimming needs. ​

Contact us today to see why 9 out of 10 customers in Orange County take advantage of our tree trimming services.


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